Optimizer v. Evaluate

I have seen liners refer to "evaluate" a TP rather than "optimize." I don't see how to evaluate a plan. Not sure what I am missing. We've always followed a TP but just tried customizing with FPP for first time. Thanks.

Hi @snowwhitenyc - found this: “Optimize” will re-order your steps. “Evaluate” will not. Evaluation just asks the software to estimate the time it would take to complete the plan exactly as it’s shown.

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Thanks @MeetMeAtThePoly!

Yes, the Evaluate option is for people who want to create their own touring plans, using their own criteria for success. Evaluate will tell you about how long you'll be waiting in line and walking between attractions, so you can adjust your plan as you like. Evaluate will not change the order of any steps.

If you're absolutely sure you want to ride Haunted Mansion first thing in the morning, despite that being not a good use of early touring time, then use the Evaluate option.

The Optimize button will move steps around in your plan to minimize the amount of time you spend waiting and walking. It'll do whatever it needs to do in order to save you time in line.


Evaluate is only available when using the website, not in the app. I like to use optimize first to get a good start then move steps that I want to be in a different order and use evaluate to recalculate the times. You can also set walking speed and other preferences using the website.

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That's pretty much how I use it too because sometimes the TP will have me going from attraction to attraction with no time in between and then suddenly I have 130 minutes of free time. I know it's because the wait times are lower for those times, but I'll move things around and then EVALUATE.

That's because you are not doing enough stuff - if you haven't done 27 attractions by lunchtime, you are not touring hard enough. smiley


I was having problems with a plan with free time and not finishing. The staff at TP are amazing at helping and explaining what will help better. And unbelievable they helped me at 1248AM so they really are always available!

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So I can only evaluate if I am using a plan I create myself? I started with a pre-made plan and began tweaking it.

@snowwhitenyc You can evaluate any plan, as long as it's yours. So you should be able to evaluate your pre-made plan that you're tweaking. Let me know if not.

Unless I am missing something, I am only able to optimize my plans. I don't see any option to evaluate. I also can't figure out how to change the order of the steps. At this point it's okay as I have plans for each day that we are going to go with and are happy with. I just can't figure out how to evaluate or manually change the order of the steps and it is driving me crazy despite the fact that I no longer need to do so.

Sounds like you are using the app, not the website - go to http://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/touring-plans/personalized. While you are at it, check out the step-by-step instructions (with videos) for making PTPs.

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I got it! I never realized I was using the app and not the website. Wow do I feel silly! Thank you so very much! Easy Peasy now!