Optimizer Updates - Nov 13, 2014 (Better FP+ handling and messaging)

I’ll be testing a few Optimizer enhancements in production for a couple of hours:

1. Better warnings when arriving just before a show is about to begin
If a plan has you arriving before a show begins, but later than the “15 minutes in advance” we suggest, then the old Optimizer message back to you is “You may not get to everything in your plan.”

The new Optimizer message will be more clear, and say something like “You’re arriving at this show before it starts, but kind of close to the show’s start time. You’ll probably be fine, but keep this in mind.”

2. Automatically adjust Fastpass+ times outside park hours
If a Fastpass+ reservation time is given outside of park hours, but adding 12 hours to it will put it to within park hours, then we’ll make that change automatically. This solves the occasional problem of folks entering 3 AM Fastpass times when they should be 3 PM.

3. Detect and warn when Fastpass+ reservations can’t be used because they overlap meals and breaks
If we don’t use a Fastpass+ reservation because it significantly overlaps a scheduled meal or break, the message back to you will indicate this.

For example, if you schedule a 7DMT FP+ for 12:05 pm to 1:05 pm, and schedule Be Our Guest for 12 noon to 1:30 pm, then you’ll probably see this message.

By “significantly overlap” we mean that more than 40% of the FP window (about 24 minutes) happens inside a meal or break. This window doesn’t include the “5-minute before” or "15-minute after grace periods’.


The tests seem to have gone well. Moving this to production permanently.


Keep up the good work!!