Optimizer is ignoring my Fastpasses in a Personalized Plan

I have already made my Fastpasses. I know that the optimizer thinks that the times I’ve chosen aren’t optimal, but they are usually the best of the choices I had.

Can I get the Optimizer to accept my FP times and plan around them? I just want to see the recommendations with the reservations I’ve got.

I’m sorry if this has been covered before. I found one post, but I wasn’t sure it applied to FP’s that were already made.

On a side note, we made our FP reservations on the first available day and Toy Story was already sold out. Is that pretty much common, or is that a sign of how crowded that day (10/18/15) will be?

You cannot force the Optimizer to use FPPs. Essentially what it is telling you is that it made a better plan (i.e. less time in line) without using the FPPs than it could using them.

Your best option is to look at what FPPs the plan is suggesting you get and check on MDE to see if they are available at those times - if so, then switch you current reservations.

If you really want (or have) to stick with your current FPPs, then try the following work-around:

  • Remove the attractions that you have FFPs for from your plan. Note the amount of time that each attraction takes.
  • For each of those attractions, add a Meal Break at a restaurant close to the attraction for the amount of time that the attraction takes. Make a note that the break is to ride Attraction X using FPP.
  • Re-Optimize

Yes, this is common. People whose vacations started before yours were able to book FPPs before you could, so they were able to book all the available FPPs. The further out in your vacation you are booking, the greater the availability, so a common strategy is to book highly desirable FPPs for the last few days of your trip.

Reports of no fpp released for mid oct. Rumours of refurb during that time

Thank you. I will try to change my FastPasses, but some ofthe plans say that my FP’s aren’t necessary. I’m not really comfortable not making a FP for the bigger attractions. I wish it would just work with what I have. I may try your meal time technique if I can’t change FP’s.

Also, check out my tips for making Optimized TPs with FPP Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+

What would be nice is a feature that would allow one to “lock in” FPPs. With the FPPs “unlocked,” the system could give you its suggested FPPs, and with them “locked,” it could force the other selections to be rearranged around the FPPs. It would be similar to what has been done with the parade and show times recently (which is a great feature BTW).

Of course, this is probably easier said than done. :wink:

I believe they are working on this at the moment

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This site shows you what is available http://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=835236

Notice TSMM is not for a period of time.

Does that mean all of the FP’s are taken for Toy Story? How is it already unavailable from 10/15 to 10/29 already?

2 rumours. 1its down for refurb and 2nd rumour is only fpp line bring closed for refurb but ride staying open. Both rumours linked to tsmm expansion link up.
No fpp have been loaded/released for these dates.

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