My plan has already been optimized for a week, but Matterhorn was on there. It says we should remove it and reoptimize. If I do nothing, will we just be 20 mins early on plan? I love our plan and I’m scared redoing will cause chaos. Thoughts?

I would just plan to replace Matterhorn with something else… a reride in Fantasyland if that’s where you are. I would just check your wait times at the park the day of and ride something within your same walking distance with a comparable or less wait. Or as my other half would suggest ice cream break!

Being ahead of your plan will be nice. The best way to have as little disruption as possible & keep the plan you love is to replace the step of the Matterhorn with a break & instead of Optimize, hit Evaluate.

To do this:

  1. Make note of the arrival time for your urrent Matterhorn step & also add the total amount of minutes for Wait Time, Duration, Free Time & Walk Time associated with this Matterhorn step.
  2. Click Add Break (located after your final step of the plan, before the map).
  3. Chose the start time that most closely matches the arrival time for your current Matterhorn step.
  4. Enter in the total amount of minutes for your Matterhorn step into the “How long do you plan to spend?”
  5. Enter a title for the break or any additional notes you want to show up in the plan.
  6. Save.
  7. Drag the step to be next to your current Matterhorn step (either before or after).
  8. Delete the Matterhorn step.
  9. Scroll down to Optimize or Evaluate? section. You should be able to click the link now that says “click here to enable Optimize or Evaluate”
  10. Once those options appear, click Evaluated (NOT Optimize).

This will re-set the plan in the exact same order with all the same times as you currently have (so you don’t mess with anything) but also remove that Matterhorn step allowing you to use the functional plan.

As for what do with the extra time, in Fantasyland you have a variety of options to choose from close by and will easily find something to substitute. It’s also not a bad idea to have some sort of buffer time like this built in as a break in case you do get a bit behind with longer waits/unexpected break times on any of your previous steps.

If you want to play around with the plan but also don’t want to lose the one you love, a fantastic way to do that, is make a copy of the plan from the top and then play around with the copy to see what you could do with that time.
Happy planning!