Optimized Ep TP doesn't have Soaring or TT at RD?

Just started my EP TP (newbie) for 12/4. I’ve selected Attractions we want, put in ADRs and a few breaks. I put in a FEA FP for later in the day (not confirmed yet). When I optimize, why doesn’t it list either TT or Soaring first? My plan begins at RD. What am I missing? TIA

I think the planner software assumes you won’t actually make it in time for rope drop (ie, 10-15 minutes before official park open), so it makes time estimates as if you were passing the tapstiles right at 9:00 (or whatever park open is). It’s sort of pessimistic that way. The usual advice is let the optimizer do its best, and then move things around, and switch to evaluating your plan. So, you could put TT or Soarin’ as your first attraction, then hit “Evaluate”, and it will give you the estimated time in line if you get there at 9:10 or whatever, assuming you’re walking past the gate at 9:00 exactly. If you actually are rope-dropping, you should be ahead of that schedule, because you should be entering the park before the official open time.

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