Optimize not working?

This may have been discussed elsewhere, my apologies if so. Trying to plan a trip last week of September, and the optimize doesn’t seem to be working. First plan I tried had me picking up 2 fast passes right at the beginning (not World of Color), then returning to those rides at weird times. Everything else seems kind of wonky too. I’m dragging and using evaluate instead, based on what I kind of know about the park anyway, but it’s kind of a pain. Anyone else experiencing this? My other worry is that if optimize isn’t working, are the times going to be accurate?

Try optimizing 3 times. For me, optimize takes a few times of optimizing to be more logical (I’ve never had the FP problem that you’re having though). If it’s still being weird, email the link to the touring plan to webmaster@touringplans.com. They respond very quickly and are very helpful with any issues to any touring plan.

I also usually like to drag and evaluate anyway but I do always start with what the Optimizer considers best and move around from there.