Optimize for Kong

I am preparing for my trip in September and do not see Kong in the touring plans I want to use. If I add it into a plan manually should I then optimize the plan and risk sorting everything else up? We are really there for all things Potter but still want to get the most of our time there. Thanks in advance

If you like the order of your plan already, I would add Kong at the end and evaluate. If you truly want to find the most efficient way to tour but not mess with your plan, I would copy the plan you have, name it something else and add Kong to it. Then hit optimize and see what it does. If you don’t like it, you still have your original plan unaltered, but it will give you an idea of a better way to tour including Kong.

In case others view this I am replying to my own post. We did EE to hogsmeade and tried to make our way back to the front of the park stopping at Kong along the way. The ride was down (seems to happen often in my discussions with others and my own experience) so we went on Hulk and other rides while they were short. If you really want to do Kong, do it early because the lines get really long and don’t drop as we were there at closing and wait was still 60+ vs 10 minutes forbidden journey and hulk. We rode the next day and waited 80+ minutes because we had rode everything else and wanted to do this one ride to finish the trip.