Optimize and Evaluate

Hey all,

Ok, so I seem to have a problem with the personalized touring plans. First, I added in every attraction I wanted plus breaks, etc and hit the Optimize button. It worked perfectly and all my plans look great. However, when I press evaluate it screws everything up! The wait times all change around, my BOG lunch at 11:20a.m. gets moved to 3 p.m. and it tells me I won’t be able to see and do everything I want to. So my question is, if I just press Optimize and leave it as is - am I good to go? The plans look great to me! Do I still have to press Evaluate after? Help!

Optimize will reorder your steps, if it feels it needs to in order to make your plan more efficient.
Evaluate will only calculate values (wait time, walking, free, etc) without moving anything around.

So, if you don’t care about the order, just want the most efficient plan, then use Optimize.
If you have your heart set on doing things in a certain order, put them in the order you want, then Evaluate.

If your plan looks great after Optimize, then don’t touch it there’s nothing left to do.

If you change some minor details, use Evaluate not Optimize. Optimize will try to reorder things.

Important Tip: Once you have a plan that you like, if you want to fiddle with it, ALWAYS copy it to a new plan first and leave the original plan alone so you can go back.

I think you have Optimize and Evaluate confused. Evaluate will not reorder anything it will leave everything in the current order and refresh the wait times, etc. Optimize will potentially reorder your plan to optimize wait times.

Good tip!

I’ll have to remember to use Evaluate instead when it comes time to tweak things. I’ve had optimize do weird things, like move Soarin’ to the end of the day.