Optimize after every ride?

Should I use the app to re-optimize after every ride?

I’ve been role-playing with the phone during the day and I’ve noticed if I press ‘done’ on the app for a ride in my plan, and click Optimize, that it will (at times) re-order my plan. I’m thinking this means it is using real-time data (or using my exact ‘done time’) to really give me the best plan.

What do you think? Re-optimize after each ride?

I’m going during Crowd Level 10 (yikes!) days and want the best experience, given that…

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My general advice is to only re-optimize in the parks if you have started to go significantly off schedule or you have done things out of order and need to re-align your plan.

If you do decide to re-optimize in the park, make sure that you have marked all of your completed attractions as ‘done’, and mark the most recently completed attraction last so that the app knows where you are.


I don’t re optimise in park. Yes what you are saying is correct but it gets sooo stressful trying to save 2mins here and 3mins there. If a ride is down then I move onto the next ride. Tp are only guides and we have all made the mistake of putting tp before the needs of our families. Kids don’t care what to says if they want to re ride dumbo again and again then so be it. if that was to happen I would re optimise but take a ride or 2 out first. But more thsn likely I would look at the time see where I am supposed to be and go there. I also don’t actually use optimise for my final plans I move rides about to suit me and then evaluate.
Also the success of a visit to wdw should not be based on how many rides you do in a day although many on here think it is.


This would be my recommendation as well. I rarely re-optimize but when I do it’s only because we have gotten way off the mark or made some decisions to make significant changes to our original plan


It’s definitely using real-time data.

I’m with @brklinck, in that I’d re-optimize once every few steps. If you see yourself getting off by more than 10 or 15 minutes, if you change FastPass+ reservations, or if you add or delete attractions, then re-optimize after that too.

The optimizer will definitely try to save you 2 or 3 minutes here or there every time you re-optimize. Sometimes that involves moving a bunch of steps around. Most people probably don’t want to see that.


Thanks for the replies, everyone. Makes total sense. I haven’t been there since the year EPCOT opened… this time I’m going with my own 4 & 6 year old! Can’t wait. But we can only go the week after Easter (like I said, Crowd Level 9/10’s!), so I wanna do the best I have with the tp app.

Thanks again, everyone.

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So I was testing touring plans in the MK earlier this week. I ended up re-optimizing every couple of steps. It worked out well.

One of the things I tried to do was “guide” the optimizer into what I thought was the right choice, by removing the evening parade and fireworks, and telling it I wanted to leave the park early. But I forgot that I had a dinner and 2 FP reservations, plus 7DMT, in the 4.5 hours I had left in the park. It put me in a 110-minute line at 7DMT immediately (ended up being a 71-minute wait).

I would have been better off just leaving the original plan.

Why can’t I figure out where or how to optimize. Aghhhrrgh

In the app, pull up your plan and at the bottom of the screen there will be an optimize button.

Same idea for the website. Go into your plan, scroll to the end of the plan and you can optimize from there. The website also gives a brief description to explain optimize and evaluate.

This is the first time I’ve seen the new personalized touring plan since the app was refreshed. I like the new interface.

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