Optimize a touring plan but keep a single attraction LAST

Is there a way to use the TP optimizer and “lock” Kali River Rapids" as the last attraction of the day? I know I can manually move it to the end after optimizing, but is there a way to lock it in place as the last attraction so that I can re-optimize in park and still have it as the last attraction of the day? I want to experience this ride, but I don’t want to be wet all day, so having it as the last attraction would minimize the amount of time I am wet.


Right now, no. There’s no way to lock it in place and have everything else move around it. UNLESS… you add it as a break time and don’t add it as an “attraction”

it’s kind of a work around that I use. Hope that helps!

I’d just leave it off the list and optimize without it. Then add it as the last step and evaluate to see what the wait will be.

Just don’t put KRR in your plan, and do it after you complete everything else. That’s what I do. :slight_smile:

Remove it from the plan completely then add a 15 min break 15 mins before park close and note the break as KRR.

Thanks ALL. That’s a nice easy work-around.

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@DarthD what an excellent idea