Optimising TP

Trying to sort out my TP’s for the first 2 weeks of July (can’t wait!). When I’m optimising the plan today, will this be the same order of rides I should do when I’m on holiday, or do you need to optimise on the day of the actual TP? Im confused, and don’t want to change any FPP at this stage,

Optimizing will potentially rearrange your entire plan, based on the most “current” data, to give you the shortest overall amount of time spent in line for the day. Evaluate looks at your TP as it is, and updates the times based on the most current data, without rearranging the order. Personally, I do not use the optimize function very often. I’ll use it when I’m first making a TP to get a starting point, but then I manually rearrange the order of things to suit the type of touring I want and use Evaluate frequently to make sure one of my moves hasn’t seriously added to my overall wait. I’ll do a final Evaluate the morning of just to get a “reality check”.

The other approach to using Optimize is to use it after every attraction; once you leave an attraction, remove it from the plan and re-optimize. The benefit of this is that “live” park data is used to make recommendations, and therefore your lines should be shorter. The downside is that you never really know what your day is going to look like more than one step at a time.