Optimal time to Optimize

I understand the difference between Optimize and Evaluate. I’ve read a lot of great stuff here, but as I’m about to use TPs for the first time later this month, I am wondering when is the best time to do a final Optimize before printing my plans. I don’t plan to Optimize while in the parks because my family wants me off my phone as much as possible. lol. So my question is really about the algorithm TP uses. Does it update daily? Does it update weekly? If it updates daily then I should wait til right before I leave to Optimize and print my plans. But I can’t imagine it is really updating that frequently. Can anyone explain a little bit about the science of TPs so I “get” when to Optimize and print my plan? Thanks!

I don’t know the science, but have evaluated and printed TP’s before many trips. I usually evaluate one last time 3 days before a trip and print out the plans. They have always been spot on for all parks, both at DLR and WDW. If you are going to optimize, I would make sure you actually like the way the TP’s look, many of them have you running back and forth which makes no sense to me. This is why I only evaluate, after I put things in the order I want. I carry my paper copy in the parks, which keeps me off my phone.


Thanks @Wahoohokie.

Any chance @brklinck could weigh in on this? You seem like the expert. ; )

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A slight chance… :wink:
I like to Optimize and print as close to the trip date as possible. Once I’m at a park, I don’t reoptimize unless things go significantly off-track.

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Thanks so much @brklinck. I really appreciate the input!

I would add that any time I evaluate, especially after I have made even one change, I hit “Optimize” 3 times. The third (or more) optimize run often gets different results than the first, and I find that I prefer the results as well. You know when you hit Optimize and it generates a plan that has you scratching your head? This is almost always smoothed out when you hit Optimize several times in a row.

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Great tip! Thanks. I’ve heard of that but haven’t done it yet.

Agree - I always Optimize until the results do not change.

I made a poor choice of wording by saying “any time I evaluate”… of course I was referring to “evaluate” as in the verb, not evaluate as in pressing the Evaluate button, since my post is all about using the Optimize button.

Yeah, but we knew what you meant. :slight_smile: