Opinions wanted!

Opinions: me, DH, DS7, DD2 5 night stay: POP vs POFQ vs POR … $200 length of stay difference between each respectively. Usually stay POP but first time with 2 kiddos (did cars suite last time but out of budget this time)

When will you be visiting? Do you have a car that you will be using?

I used to stay at POP all the time, but I have found it too loud with the power flushing toilets and noises from the neighbors lately. My first favorite was POR, and I love it, but it is really big to walk around. POFQ is awesome and smaller and the pool is great for kids. MY only dislike of the POR/FQs are the in room air conditioner that thumps on and off all night and day.

For $200 I would switch

Have stayed at both POP and POR. It was just DH and I when we stayed at POP, and I really can’t imagine that room with our family of 4 in it…Too small! We love POR! It’s a fantastic resort! Great pool and food court, and Yeeha Bob!

We loved POR. I think you get good value at the moderates for a reasonable increase in price.

I have not stayed at POP however, I would say stay at POFQ. The rooms are bigger and it is just a quaint resort. A great place to relax.

I would go for the POR or POFQ. The bit of a larger room will make it more comfortable. I like POFQ better, more condensed, ONE bus stop.

My family of 4, kids about the same ages, usually stays at Pop and the room size there is fine for us. Kids love it. But if you wanna splurge the kids might like a resort pool with a water slide.

We have stayed at POP but switched to POFQ. Big draw for us was that the resort is small and quiet. Another huge issue for us was the beds. POFQ has queen size which made a big difference for my dh, (he’s 6’3".)

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I love everything about Pop - food court, pool, theme, one bus stop etc

However when I stayed there it was just me and No 1 son who was 10 at the time. When my family (which now includes my husband and little dude who is 5) stayed in a little mermaid room at AoA which is the same size as those at Pop, we really struggled. The sticking point for us is the beds - the little dude sleeps like a wriggly kickboxing starfish and nobody wants to share a double bed with him!

Because of this the queen sized beds at POFQ are a big,big plus. The pool with the slide is fun too.

If the beds situation is not an issue though, I might be inclined to stick with Pop as I prefer the food court there to the one at POFQ.

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We love Pop and POFQ. For that little difference in price I’d go with FQ for the quieter food court & the pool slide.

Yeah… for $200 Id love the upgrade to Port Orleans… so much to do at that resort and its a great place to hang out at.

I have never stayed at POP but we love POR. We have stayed there twice and have booked for our 3rd stay. Me, DH, DD’s will be 16 & 12 on our next stay. plenty of room and beds are big enough. (Our girls were 10 & 6 and 14 & 10 for our other 2 stays) The resort is big but beautiful, the food court is great and we have always found the buses to be good. We have stayed at ASM and GF but would pick POR every time.

Another vote for POFQ! Stayed at Pop several times and always avoided moderates because they used to be double beds and didn’t want to spend the extra money. Tried POFQ last summer since they are now queen beds and was pleasantly surprised at how a few extra square feet made a big difference. We are returning to POFQ this December. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed there!