Opinions, please!

Have decisions to make on 2 nights for dinners in March. Fam of 4, with 2 DD (6 & 9 who are good to eat nearly everything). We haven’t done any of these before, so advice is welcomed! Night 1: want to do F! pkg, have a choice of HDB or MM (or the new Minnie pkg at H&V), all close to the same time. Have HBD booked currently (on DDP, so credits are covered) - but would you choose one of the others in place of it? Night 2: on a non-park day, doing Chef M for breakfast, and need to decide between 'Ohana & HDDR (both early suppers) - MDE allowed me to dbl-book (shh), but I don’t want to unnecessarily hold onto an ADR. Again, our DDP credits can cover. Does HDDR win by a landslide? TIA for any input!

Brown Derby is better food than Mama Melrose’s although I like them both. Hollywood & Vine’s food is relatively average at best so I’d only consider that if you really want the character experience. I would go Brown Derby as first choice, the one caveat is it will cost you 2 credits on the dining plan vs. only 1 for MM so if you’d use that extra credit on a meal somewhere else, you might consider MM. If you have an extra credit that would go unused otherwise, definitely go HBD. But if you’d use that extra credit on a Crystal Palace breakfast or another solid meal, I’d probably go MM plus the extra meal.

Thx @Damavs - that helps for sure. It will be our first park meal of the trip, and I do think we’d enjoy both HBD or MM, and I agree - it’s all about that extra credit to play with.

totally OT- you must be from the midwest…Suppers! I say supper all the time (from MN)…ppl sometimes look at me funny :smile:

Haha…I’m East Coast Canadian…and yes, for me, it’s always supper (dinner means a bigger-sized noontime meal, lol).

Ha! Boston area, and in my family we always ate supper! I am always shocked by how great the food is at HBD, so I would say that. Is HBD and HDDR both 2 credits? If you do one 2 credit does the other choice have to be a 1 credit?