Opinions on the photo package at US

We have always done photo pass at WDW and love it. Nice to not worry about photos and get to sort through them on the app.

What are thoughts on the US version… Worth it? How do you view them? We will be spending 2 1/2 days in the parks VS 5 when we get it at WDW…

2nd part… If we do get it, do you suggest buying in advance or something you can buy there?

Here’s a link to when I asked the same question earlier this year…

You save $10 buying in advance & you view them on Universal’s version of “Memory Maker” called - Amazing Photos

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Thanks! That thread was perfect.

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There is a sale going on right now. Check out this link:


If you buy it now, you can use it at any time. $60 for 5 consecutive days. This makes it worth getting because Universal doesn’t have as many photographers around the park, but all ride pictures are included except one. I bought this last Sept and it worked well and was worth it.

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Heck… The annual pass for Amazing Photos is only $20 more, ($79.99) That really is a good deal. I paid $108 back in April for just for 5 days.

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You should also know that I e-mailed the company directly back in March (re: the presale deals) since there aren’t any dates given and was informed that their packages do not have an expiration date and can be redeemed at any time. :slight_smile:


I just bought this for myself, for one a trip in early November and one in late January.

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Did you buy it just yesterday? I had seen the deal a few days ago and went to buy it yesterday but it was no longer showing up as an option. I just see the regular prices.

I do believe it was a limited time promotion.

Rats. I’ll check periodically to see if it comes back.

If @ShainaOrlando357 bought it yesterday I probably missed it by just a few hours since I checked in the afternoon.