Opinions on One Day Touring Plan

Hi all,

Haven’t been around much lately as work has been totally crazy and a bunch of family stuff came up.

Amongst all the chaos DH has decided he wants to go visit his aunt in Santa Barbara in August. I am trying to convince him to go to Disney for two days while we are there so I can see all of the Anniversary stuff! So far he has agreed to one day (booo!). I am still working on two days but so far have created a touring plan for both parks for one day just taking in some of our favorites (keep in mind we have been to DL and DCA before). Looking for feedback on my touring plans please! Especially for the evening parade, fireworks and fantasmic shows!

Note: The big gap in the evening of 200 minutes could potentially be used to eat supper and possibly take in the last showing of Aladdin in DCA.

Note: Park hours haven’t been officially released but since its a Sunday it says Early Entry would be at DCA for Hotel guests. So far I have DCA as our first park of the day and then hop to DL after lunch. Yay or nay?

Part One (DCA) http://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=1395331
Part Two (DL) http://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=1391316


OK, questions and comments:

  • Was the DCA plan Optimized? I’m wondering because I see no FP steps in it. Also, what about the DL plan?
  • It looks like you are finishing DCA around 11 but not going over to DL until 1. I’d be tempted to make lunch shorter and either add in another DCA attraction or get over to DL earlier.
  • I like the evening gap being used for Aladdin and/or dinner, but the park criss-crossing might wear you down. I’d play that one by ear and see how you feel on the day.

Good to see you again @brklinck!

I optimized both plans and DCA didn’t give me any FP options. I tried manually entering them in too and it deleted them when I optimize it. When I optimize DCA it actually doesn’t put RSR first. It actually puts it 5/6 at 9:30am with a 42 minute wait. We have been to DCA before but only once since Carsland opened so have only been on RSR once. So I moved it to the beginning of the day to make sure we got on it as I know that as the day goes by the wait for RSR just goes up and up.

DL plan I optimized as well and it only gave me the one FP booth for Space. I haven’t selected the FP runner option as its just me and DH and he doesn’t really want to split up.

I have thought about making the DL plan start earlier! So I can try that and see how it changes. Can I optimize the plan in the park like at WDW? When we were in WDW in February we did that quite a bit because we would get really ahead of our plan or rides would be down at times. I thought if I left the break long that I could re-optimize if we get ahead.

I also like the evening gap :smile: It will be a long day so if we are too tired then might skip Aladdin but DH has never seen it and I have only seen it once and I love it! There is also a 12:40 showing that we could squeeze in if we alter lunch and start DL later… but there is lots to do in DL so would have to be flexible. Also Aladdin is a sit down show so it is a good option to get out of the heat for a while…

Thanks for your feedback! :grinning:

That seems very odd to me - the conventional wisdom is to beat feet to RSR. One thing I know is that the TP algorithm is geared towards the “average” guest who, unlike a Liner, would not be first in line at the turnstiles ready for RD. Therefore, but the time they make it to RSR the wait time will have already built up, so for them it may make more sense to do other attractions where they would get the benefit of short initial lines. However, someone who is first past the gates and “wlking with purpose” to RSR would definitely have a much shorter wait. Out of curiosity, what was the difference in total time for the plan as worked out by the Optimizer and your reordered plan?

The FP Runner option really does nothing anyway - it just puts in a note for one person to get the FP while the rest go to the next attraction. The overall time stays the same.

I believe that you can. Just remember to mark off everything you have done before reoptimizing, making sure to mark off the attraction you just did last. That way the Optimizer knows where you are.

And it is also felt by many to be the best live show at any of the Disney parks - go for it! :smile:

Here are what the DCA plan looks like when Optimized (first one) and Evaluated (second one - with a bit of tinkering to reduce walking)

Oops cut off the total times at bottom by accident for second plan. Total Plan is 179 mins. 99 in Line. 39 Busy. 0 Free and 41 Walking.

OK, looking at this I can see what the Optimizer went with what it did - GRR, CS, and TSMM all have shorter waits, a savings of 26 minutes. The only increase is RSR, and that is just 4 minutes. The Optimized plan also shaves off 3 minutes of walking - every little bit helps, especially on a long day! :slight_smile:

Unless you are planning on attacking RSR first in true Liner fashion (elbows out, knocking the elderly and infirm out of your way, etc.) to beat the initial crowds and get a shorter wait time (and then re-optimize after RSR), I would go with the Optimized plan.