Opinions on Ferrytale Wishes

Hi Everyone,

I booked Ferrytale Wishes Dessert Cruise for something special on our last night. We will be visiting MK another night and will definitely catch the fireworks. We will also be doing the Star Wars dessert party earlier in the week. Should I keep this reservation or switch it to something else? Like Hoop de doo revue? Kids are DD12 and DS8. I’m second guessing my plans with only a few short weeks left! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

It could be a lovely last night, or it could rain and you’d be disappointed. Is it something you’ve always wanted to do? Can you still book Hoop de doo? What resort are you staying at? Have a look at what you might do instead and see if it’s possible. Something that doesn’t involve any booking would be a tour of the monorail resorts, trying the lounges, Sam’s Grog Grotto and watching the Fireworks from the beach at the Poly. If you’re concerned about the cost then cancel it, you’ve got the Starwars Dessert party which most people think is the best of the dessert parties and you’re seeing Wishes from within the MK another night. What’s the cancelation policy?

Thanks! Lots to think about. Hoop de doo is still open and it’s one of my favorite memories from childhood…so I really want to do it with my kids. I think I’m going to look into switching!

Go for it, save the fairytale dessert cruise for next time! You might be able to time catching a boat over to the MK afterwards and get to see the fireworks from the water that way.

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ok @Tate…one last HDDR question. We are spending our last morning in Magic Kingdom with a 12:00 LTT reservation for lunch. Would you do: 1) 4pm category 1 HDDR, 2) 6:15 category 2, or 3) 8:30 category 2?

I’m leaning towards the 6:15 category 2. That will give us time to get back to the hotel and relax a little bit (staying at YC)…but maybe later is better. DD12 and DS8.

Thanks for the advice!

4pm seems too close to lunch unless you really want Category 1? or were going straight from MK. Might you want to go back into MK after dinner? If yes then 6:15. How well does your DS8 do at night? The 8:30pm would give you a relaxing afternoon.

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