Opinions on effects of early breakfast with a one day touring plan


I just added an 8:05am BOG breakfast to our plans on March 10th (our only day in the parks). I happened to discover that it is also one of those ticketed Early Morning Magic events, which I would prefer not to attend due to cost. My original plan, and still my current idea, is to hit 7DMT at rope drop. How does having a breakfast reservation, as well as having that ticketed event scheduled, affect the possible wait times for 7DMT, and my touring plan for the day, what should I expect? Keep in mind, that my afternoon schedule is flexible and just a rough plan at this time due to the wedding rehearsal. We plan on being in the park until close. We probably will also be moving MTP to the afternoon.

Is the breakfast a bad idea?


Thanks in advance.


No it’s not a bad idea. When you’ve finished breakfast you can wait for 7DMT. When the park opens at 9, you’ll be let into the queue and will be ahead of all the RD people so you’ll have a very short wait. It’s actually a very good way to do it when there is EMM, because it guarantees the park won’t open till 9.