Opinions on December Early Morning Entry MK Touring Plan

Hello. I’m hoping that that you can take a look at my touring plan and let me know what you think. I put in the attractions we wanted to see and then hit the “optimize” button. I was very surprised when Buzz Lightyear and Astro Orbiter came up in front of Splash Mountain and Peter Pan. How does the plan look to you? This is for Monday, December 6th and we will be there for early entry.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them!




I’m not able to look at your plan right now, but I know when you Optimize, TP’s will look at the combined wait time of all rides. So for example, if the wait time for for Peter Pan at RD is 15 minutes, and doing Buzz afterwards will be a 13 minute wait, your total wait would be 28 minutes. However, if you do ride Buzz first and it’s a 3 minute wait at RD, and then Peter Pan after is a 20 minute wait, yes you’re waiting longer for PP, but total wait time is only 23 minutes, so it’s theoretically less.

Maybe its just me but unless you can get FPP for A&E or 7DMT, I’d do one of those (or both) first. I think your TP will be really dependent on FPP that you can get and if the hours change. I would force it to do that and then evaluate and see about the wait times.

Saving time overall vs saving time on one ride does make sense. Thanks!!

A&E is the one I’m concerned about the most. FastPasses are so hard to get for that. I’m going to play with the touring plan this weekend and at least move that one up. If happen to get lucky and get a fastpass for it, I can always readjust the plan.

Thanks for your input.