Opinions on best Cabin loop at FW?

I’m planning our first WDW trip with husband and kids (8 yo daughter and 10 yo son). Staying at FW for 1 week in late August. I am trying to pick a loop that is in a low traffic area, if there is such a thing :wink:. Any suggestions?

Hey, we’re going last week in August too and I’ve had a look and I think they are all pretty low traffic, though it depends on which cabin within the loop you are in as obv the nearer the main track the busier. 2800 is good if you plan to walk to the main bus pick area and avoid the other drop off points, but 2300 or 2200 is closer to the central Meadow recreation area and pool. I think I’m aiming for 2300 if poss as we’ll probably get a golf cart but hopefully the kids will be able to walk to Meadow pool without too much difficulty (they are 12 yr old boy and 10 year old girls)

I was thinking I’d like 2100 (close to the trading post area and laundry… we’ll have a golf cart, so being near transportation isn’t necessary) but now I’m thinking that maybe we’d rather be 2400 so as to be further from the water (and things that may come out of the water).

I’ve been looking for more info on the internets and a few sites mentioned that the cabins on the 2100 loop have all been removed. Is this true!?
I also found that asking for the “back” of the loop helps you avoid early am noise from folks boarding the internal bus system.
Maybe 2300 is a decent option.