Opinions On AK Street Shows / Parades / Diversions

Karibu Sisters, Harambe Acrobats, Pandora Drummers…
What is “not to be missed?” Trying to fill out a day at AK with some of these experiences. We like the rides, but not the animal sighting tours so much. Just want to get a better feel of the street shows - I assume they are as good as the ones in other parks. I can youtube for research as well. Anyone have recommendations on which to make sure to plan to see?


Interested to hear the suggestions as well!

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I really liked the Harambe Acrobats - although I have to say that I have enjoyed most of the AK experiences - a lot of times I have just kind of stumbled across them and then stayed to watch :slight_smile:

I read several times that ‘‘Divine’’ is really great but I couldn’t find any clear info on where/when to see her…

Divine is a great one that’s going on my list. I’m planning on catching her one day. I think the CM’s are trained to have info on where you can spot her at what times each day.

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