Opinions Needed--Oct 31-Nov 7 or Before/After? The Jersey Week Question

Hi! We are planning our first family trip in October/November 2015. It’s my DS5’s first trip (he will turn 5 in October). We are bringing a large extended family group of 16 and renting an 8BR home in Emerald Island. My brother’s friend and extended family is also coming the week of 10/31-11/7, so we thought we’d go the same time. I see that it’s Jersey Week, however, and crowds will be higher than the weeks before and after. Should we definitely avoid? Are the weeks of 10/24-31 and 11/7-14 less crowded enough that there will be a significant difference in our experience?

The downside to the week after is that Food and Wine will be over, right? I’d “sold” it to the 4 grandparents as a fun thing for them to do as a kidfree group.

Personally we (DH, DS, DH’s cousin and I) are driving down, and will probably stay at a Value the night before our rental begins, both to give us an extra day in the parks, but also to get us MagicBands for the stay. Because it’s just one night, figure we’d pick on price and do one of the All Stars, any advice there is also welcome!

I’d avoid Jersey Week at all costs, but that’s because the sight of orange people nauseates me. However, let’s take a more objective approach. Looking at the Overall Crowd Levels in the Crowd Calendar, we see the following:

Week 10/24-10/31: 6,4,3,2,3,3,2,5 - avg = 3.5, and every day except the Saturdays there is at least 1 park with a CL of 2
Week 10/31-11/07: 5,6,5,5,3,4,3,5 - avg = 4.5, and only 3 days where there is 1 park with a CL of 2
Week 11.07-11.14: 5,6,5,5,4,3,3,4 - avg = 4.4, and no days where there is a park with a CL of 2

Looking at the CLs, I would definitely favor the last week in October. Add in the opportunity to go to MNSSHP and I think that it looks even better. However, if the choice is between the first week in Nov and the second, I would go for the first week, as there is no real benefit to the second week plus it lines up with your brother’s friend’s trip. F&W is not an issue in any case, as it is on until Nov 16.

Re the one night, go for an All Star resort booked through Orbitz once the fall WDW discounts are announced. The reason I say Orbitz is that you should also be able to apply a promo code that will save you an additional 15% at least.

thanks for the info!! Perhaps I can get the best of all worlds by doing something other than Saturday to Saturday, and overlapping so that my brother can do some stuff with his friend/family, but still avoid the bulk of Jersey week and the half marathon. (I was at the W&D in 2013 and the crowds seemed manageable, and our touring was disorganized at best)

I am from NJ and I have to say I am so shocked at the way all fo these forums makes fun of peopel from NJ!!! Are you serious. We are normal peopel like everyone else. LOL. I have no idea why this sterotype still exists.
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I am from NJ. Grow Up!

I went last year the week of 11/3-7 and it was wonderful. Very short or no lines for most food, great weather, and we even found tables to eat at most of the time. The crowds were really light, at least during the week. I wasn’t there on the weekend, but Universal was a zoo on Saturday (the 8th) so I suspect WDW was too. I spent my time at Epcot and MK so I can’t speak to the other parks. @SallyEppcot was with me on that trip and she might have more data since she spent a few extra days.

F&W lasts until mid November so you will be fine either time. The F&W Marathon is 11/7 so that will probably affect things too.

Have a great trip!

(Hi @kperantie!)

Jersey Week was lovely. No worries. I’d say choose the week that works best with your schedule

I actually found that the weeks/days that were eligible for free dining were more problematic than others because it was extremely difficult to get ADRs. Our trip dates last year were during the free-dining black-out dates and that made things easier. For 2015, free dining covers Oct 25-31 and Nov 8-19. Jersey week is blacked out for that promotion because the slightly higher crowds (more from the wine&dine half marathon than New Jersey breaks) mean they don’t have to offer it to fill rooms. It’s really a trade-off. Getting ADRs during free dining is frustrating, but the crowds are lower. But at @brklinck said, the croefs won’t really be THAT bad.

I never said that. I always find the croefs to be bad. Can’t stand croefs, whether they are from Jersey or not.

Stupid autocorrect. :wink:

I personally love all those stories about horrid conditions during Jersey week. It really is a terrible time to visit Florida and specifically Disney. I hope everyone continues to stay away, you are much better off staying home. I heard Jersey people act very similar to most other Americans, but it’s all a scheme to trick you into buying Bon Jovi albums.
(Disclaimer: I live in NJ and will be there Jersey Week :open_mouth:)

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