Opening's at Savi's?

How likely is it that a Savi’s workshop reservation opens up if we aren’t picky about times?
We are going the second week of May, staying off property, and I can’t get reservations for ANYTHING. I’m waking up at 4:45 and winding up in tears.

Our number 1 priority is a droid for my son. I can find openings on the Monday (we wanted to do Tuesday, but it’s booked) but there are no openings for lightsabers. Which my husband really wants.

If I go ahead and book Monday, is it pretty likely that I’ll find a Savi’s reso if I keep checking? I can try again for the Wednesday, but neither of my boys really wants to wait that long.

This is all so much worse than I expected! I can’t get any of the resos we were hoping for.

My husband was SO excited for all the star wars stuff and now every day I have to tell him stuff like “you probably can’t get a boarding pass for RotR” “you’re not gonna get into the cantina” “now you can’t even build a lightsaber.” I’m so sad and disappointed for him.

Keep checking. Especially if/when hours update. My DD decided - about 3 weeks before we’re planned to go - that she wanted to do the lightsaber. I had a res for my son. About 2 weeks ahead of time, they update hours, extending them. They day after they did that (it was a Friday afternoon extension), there were lots of new slots open. I checked it early on Saturday morning and could have my choice of times in those extended hours.