Opening time for AK on EMH days

We just got back from WDW and they opened AK and Pandora 45-60 min early before published opening. A friend is going on a day where there are EMH on her AK day. Will they still open earlier than that published time? What time should she get there?

Wow. So If EMH is 8am I want to be there by 7am and really get ahead of the pack? Might just do that.

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We went in October on an EMH Saturday morning. Arrived in parking lot just after 7, through security by 715. We were held at tapstyles until about 735. Walked to bridge then. Walked to Pandora around 745. We were in a link chamber at 758 and walking off ride before 815.

Crowd was not bad at 715. By 730, it was completely full from tapstyles all the way back to ticket booths. I’d aim for 715 at the latest.

Yes, definitely arrive minimum of one hour to one hour and thirty minutes ahead of published rope drop in order to be at the front of the pack. It is rare for rope drop to be held until actual published time
right now at AK and HS.


I am assuming she wants to get to FOP? If not, I arrived about 5-10 min before RD, followed the crowds and hit NRJ, Dino, EE and KS by 915 ish on an 8 am EMH day with no waits as everyone was waiting for FOP.
ETA I had a FPP for FOP for late afternoon.