Opening Hours Update

If Disneyworld adjust their opening hours on certain dates - will we get to know via Touring Plans - I get a TP update when the crowd levels change for my dates and I just wondered if there was an automatic update if the hours of opening changed?
If we don’t get updates from Touring Plans how is the easiest way to see if the hours change - do we just need to keep checking the Disney website?
Thanks in advance…

I believe you get an update! It’s been awhile since my last trip and the details are fuzzy. Someone will chime in soon with confirmation.

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Yes, I received two emails last week when my April hours were changed.


I got the quickest notice from the Dibbs site. ASN Blocked . Always got notice from them, not so often from TP. Just sign up with your trip dates, and they’ll notify you about all Orlando attraction hour changes (Universal, Legoland, Sea World, etc) in addition to WDW.

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Thanks everyone - I have signed up to thedibb - Just want to be aware if hours change suddenly our plans will not work quite so well so I wanted to be able to amend them!!! (always prefer late night extra hours as we tend to rope drop and getting there for 7am for an 8am opening isn’t much fun on our holidays! ) Having a break in the afternoon means we are refreshed to play late in to the night!