Opening dates for ASMo BC, WL

ASMo 3/22
BC 5/30
WL 6/6



That’s good news.

Despite the crowds, I was happy to see so many people in WDW while we were there. It bodes well for a speedier recovery than I had originally feared. Although…there is the whole DL fiasco that isn’t helping…but hopefully that will change soon enough now that we finally have a vaccine starting to be rolled out. (First people in Michigan were getting the vaccination starting yesterday!)

But ASMo was 2/9, so that’s a push out of more than a month. :frowning:

Oh was it? I missed that

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I’m just glad you were quick to post about the dates!

I don’t see any mention in the email I got about bumping ASMo back. We’re sure that was a thing?

On 10/21, sources like DFB, WDWMagic, AllEars and others had articles about it opening 2/9. Now they have articles mentioning it being pushed back. And of course TP’s blog:


Not arguing. Just didn’t recall that. And thought it was odd that the email i got didn’t mean took pushing it back.

Thanks for the info!

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This is in the middle of the dates I will be at BCV. I’m wondering how I feel about this … could mean more crowds at Stormalong Bay, I presume …

No word yet on AKL Jambo?

No word on that

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It was on the Disney site as 2/29.

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I guess they were trying to slip that delay in with the good news of the added resorts opening! Only someone with an eagle eye would notice it :wink: Obviously that isn’t me right now

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I’m sure that will be the last deluxe resort to open, it’s the largest not yet open.

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I wonder why it’s delayed.
Difficulty coverting Boma to family-style feeding?
Social distancing when animal viewing?
Social distancing and the resort’s reliance on buses?

The number of rooms. At the moment it’s a skeleton crew, a handful at the front desk, Bell Services and pool staff. Security would be working there anyway, open or closed. Pool bar staff at weekends. Opening up the resort means the whole housekeeping, store and restaurant staff etc. That’s a lot of call-backs.

And the involvement of the international CM programme also affects things, although that’s minor.


I wish that they would reopen POFQ.


I agree completely! I would love to stay there or at POR!

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