I know pretty much nothing about Marvel…the movies, characters, any of it. I’ve seen the Spiderman movies, that’s about it. So when it was family movie night last night I remembered that they are planning some Guardians of the Galaxy stuff in the parks. Must be a good choice, right? Thankfully DS4 fell asleep fairly quickly, and much of it went over DS7’s head. Oops!! Probably should have vetted that better.

But, now it has me wanting to watch more Marvel movies. I’ve seen various lists of the order to watch them in, but though I would reach out here and see what the recommendations are. Thanks!


You dont NEED to see them all, Marvel has definitely gotten better with experience and some of their early entries arent as polished. GOTG is a great great movie though. And if you like that, try Thor: Ragnarok. My DS7 loves Captain America movies and actually broke his arm leaving Civil War pretending to be him, so there’s that.


My family and I personally have watched all the MCU movies (multiple times). We love them. But there are some we watch over and over again some we’ve only watched twice. Just our personal preferences though some are definitely weaker than others but all enjoyable. In the end we always watch them in the order they came out (release date) versus chronologically. Wikipedia lists the release dates. With Endgame releasing on itunes next week I’m sure the old MCU movies will be discounted if you are thinking of purchasing.


I’d recommend NOT letting the kids watch Deadpool.



My favorites are the first Iron Man, the first Avengers, Thor Ragnarok, Ant Man, Guardian part one which you’ve already seen.


Maybe consider holding off on purchasing, and wait for the Disney streaming service to launch. Bet they’ll all be there for only $6 a month.


I would suggest starting with Captain America: The First Avenger.


I love them all and scrub them through Amazon and Clearplay. I live the movies so much (some more than others) but not the language.

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Good call. Being a fan I’ve bought them all. :confused:

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Just an FYI, Deadpool isn’t currently considered part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe even though it is a Marvel Movie. Deadpool references the other Marvel Movies but the MCU does not reference Deadpool. X-men and Wolverine movies also are not part of the MCU…yet. There is a apparently a family friendly version of Deadpool 2 though.


Agreed. OP said marvel, not MCU

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There is SO much to watch for Marvel, but we really loved the timeline here because it put things in order to tell a good story. Release order tends to scramble a few of those things.

This timeline did also include ALL of the series (both on TV and Netflix) that are available and if you include those it really slows down the timeline. We had watched a season or two of Shield before we watched things in this timeline so when we set out to watch, we decided to include them and while we loved Agent Carter; the first few seasons of Shield; and the 2 seasons of Daredevil that we watched- we found that: A) it was really slowing us down & the hubby wanted to watch Endgame as soon as it came out and B) aside from some very minor references to the Marvel Universe in general, the stories weren’t so intertwined that skipping them would miss any pivotal plot points int he movies, so we stopped including the series after Daredevil Season 2. [I do think that since we had already started Season 3 of Shield we did push through finishing it where the timeline had it, but not very enthusiastically].

So, in sum, you can totally skip all the series & focus on the movies on the above timeline, or you can really dig into the deep end of Marvel & go full-speed ahead to all the movies & series.

However, if you go the deep-end route I’ll have to warn you to check the timeline every now & again for updates (mostly if any big Marvel movies are released). I know during our time of watching they moved Agent Carter season 2 from near the end right up to just after season 1 and there were a few other movies that I don’t recall now that they updated they updated placement of as it made more sense.

Anywho, whatever order you watch them in (whether it’s the timeline I included or not), enjoy! And the only one that I’ll 100% stick to watching first is Captain America: The First Avenger. There’s really nothing like his story to kick it all off. Iron Man 1 is also superb but since he’s not the First Avenger, he gets to go second.


OP doesn’t even know the difference!!! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


So much food for thought!! I knew y’all would point me in the right direction! Thank you!!!

I didn’t watch them in order at all and I still loved every one.
I’d like to now go and watch them in order.

I love Agent Carter. I recently told my DD he’s the smartest Avenger…


We definitely didn’t start in order since when we were dating/early married before kids we would just go see the newest one(s) in theaters. But after having 2 little kids 19 months apart, we just got so far behind not really going to the theater that much. I then saw a graphic for this timeline order on Pinterest & that’s when we decided to take a stab at it to catch up for what we’d missed seeing in theaters. It definitely took a LOT of patience though, especially when we were including all the series.

Now our oldest (just turned 8) is old enough to really be getting into Marvel & he is watching the movies (we haven’t let him watch Shield or any of the other series yet) in this order & is loving them (all but Iron Man 3 which we were very conflicted about him watching to begin with, finally decided he could handle it & then he decided himself that he did NOT want to continue- even though we told him the scariest part of it turns out to be all a fake done by an actor & the real bad guy was someone else who was paying him to do it).

Our daughter (who is the one that is just 19 months behind him) selectively watches them too & she is loving them all the same even with no apparent rhyme or reason to what she watches in what order. She has been asking to see Endgame now though & we’ve managed to keep her pretty spoiler-free of the plot & I don’t think she’d take some of it very well, especially the parts we’ve discussed on the spoiler thread somewhere else in Forum-verse.

LOL about DD and Endgame.
My DH, older four and I were pretty much talking around the clock about it before it came out with all our hypotheses… when we got home from the theater my six year old grilled me on what happened to whom…

Yes. Ironman 3 is dark.

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DH, DS & I have had many a conversation about Endgame, before and after & miraculously we’ve kept DD in the dark, although, we did start telling her “I love you 3000” and she will say it randomly to us all the time, so that’s part of the reason we don’t know how well the plot of Engame will go with her.

Did you fill in the six year old on what happened to whom? Our DD is 6 and while we would’ve entertained bringing her with us to the theater for Endgame with her big brother, at the time it came out she wasn’t interested in sitting for 3 hrs to find out what happened after the snap (which she wasn’t a fan of the fallout from that either). She tends to get bored in live action movies when they approach 2 hrs so we really didn’t want to put her through 3 hrs unless she was REALLY game for it. Which is now, three months later :rofl:

DS and I got hooked on these last winter. Started in January and watched the whole universe before Infinity War’s release. It was a lot of fun to binge them all in such a short time while it was cold and nasty outside :wink:

I think any of the timelines you find will work, some minor differences, but all get you where you need to go. Pick one and stick with it. I think they all have their purpose. Some are better than others, but all worth watching.