Oogie Boogie Bash - Would you go to the first party of the year?

Is OBB overrun by bloggers/vloggers on the first night? Would you go, or wait for the next week? Even if it would cost you an extra $275?

I’ve just decided to switch my 9/2 - 9/9 trip to 9/5 - 9/12 for about $100 extra to miss the Labor Day crowds. Now I’m wondering if I should shift that to 9/6 - 9/13 to go to the third OBB instead of the first (I’m assuming parties will mirror last year day-wise). I’ve read all the OBBs sell out, so crowd wise it shouldn’t be that different, but I know those blogger/vlogger types can be disruptive.

Am I overthinking this?

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Every party will sell out, so it really doesn’t matter which one you go to from a crowd perspective. I personally would go to a later party because I want to read the blogs posted from the first night to have time to plan out an order of attack. There is a lot to do, so many characters and if you want to see the most popular it helps to have a plan based on other’s experience. BUT not for $275. Why the price difference? There is usually only $10 per person difference in the first few parties. Do you have 27 people going?
Last year the first party was 9/6 and cost $129, second public party was 9/13 and cost the same. There was a special D23 member party on 9/10, but that was a special event and who knows if that is happening this year. Also my friend went to it and 2 other parties as well, and it was the most crowded and they got the least amount done plus it was way more expensive. Don’t go to that if you are a D23 member.
You might be overthinking it. It’s February and you are thinking about Halloween parties at DLR. :rofl: They won’t even announce dates or anything until the summer I bet.

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The price difference is because of a change in room prices. So going Wed to Wed is $275 more than Tues - Tues.

There are 8 of us going, one of whom is under 2. I think all the ticket prices are the same that early in the season.

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This. All this. We did the first party last year because it was the only party that worked for our dates before our Magic Key expired in the 2nd half of September. And they announced Halloween Party dates before any whisper of news of Magic Key renewals and we didn’t want to be sunk with a non-refundable party tickets and no pass. If not for that of if our Magic Key expiration/renewal date had been a week later in September, we would’ve done a late Sept party as our first choice. They are all about the same crowd. And I expected to be a little bit more aware of the bloggers as guests, but we ended up spotting one my kids absolutely love. So they were totally fangirling.