Oogie Boogie Bash 1st Timer

Headed to Oogie Boogie in October. First visit during Halloween and first Oogie Boogie Bash…any tips or advice?


Sounds fun!

This thread may be of interest, if you haven’t already seen it.


We went Halloween night right before everything shut down.

It was so much fun. Even pre pandemic the crowds were light and the candy was given out in generous supply.

You’re going to have the best time.


Hey Darcy!! :blush::heart: You guys are going to have a blast! Jessica and I just love OBB and haven’t missed one yet. We don’t do rides or sit down meals during the party. Definitely check out Animation Academy as they offer the only at Halloween time characters. We bring pillowcases for the goodies because before you know it you’ll have 15 pounds. A locker is recommended. We’ve done party check in on the inside because the outside gets too crazy. I love the rare characters they have been bringing out lately and they seem to mix them up from week to week. The Grotto was really cool. No characters in there but its a must see at least once. I watch the parade each time because its amazing :blush: Right by Bayside Brews /Silly Swings. I will try to find and share the last party map too.

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I went 2019 and 2021. It was more crowded post Covid or we just did things worse. Have a good plan. You cannot do it all so decide what’s more important to you. The treat trails with characters are great, I like the haunted walk thru in the Brother Bear playground area and the parade. There was no World of Color (Halloween version) in 2021 but it was there in 2019. There are tons of hard to find characters and then short waits for rides (but Radiator Springs Racers took us an hour last year). So pick your must dos and make a plan based on your interests. It’s an absolute blast And I’d do it again.

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I get G+ just for those magic shot photos!! :rofl::heart::blush: Take all the photos during your trip. In both parks. The Mickey pumpkin line gets pretty busy especially at night. The Headless horseman at DCA gets long too but worth it. Oogie Boogie magic shot there :blush:


You do NOT need the parade package btw (like the dinner or dessert party). 2019 I bought it and we ended up watching the parade from a table outside of WCT for free that was better viewing than the official area. There is tons of space and you can show up relatively right before and get a good spot. 2021 we watched it from across Oogie Boogie after doing the character treat trails in that area. Also a great spot. Sat on the curb. Not super crowded.