Onsite reservations with only 1 AP

We need a sort of odd reservation for our next trip. We decided to stay onsite. We have a family of 4 Disney adults including 2 teens and 2 kids. We typically stay moderate (POR or CBR) and get two rooms (preferably connecting). We usually buy 7-d non hopper tix and DDP. This trip in spring 2019, I will have an AP but no one else in my party will.

I like the idea (thanks to whoever on here suggested it) of doing deluxe DDP for one room and sharing the meals. I’ve read that all the meals can be used for adults or kids on DDDP so that would really work for our situation.

Not sure how to make the actual reservation. Should I make two separate reservations? I’m stuck on the rule that everyone on the reservation has to have the same tix and same dining. We could put 4 of the people without AP in one room for DDDP and tix and then put me and teen in another room without DDDP and buy his ticket elsewhere and link? Get MVT quote? I worry about using a TA as I feel I’m gaming the system with the DDDP to share–IMO I’m not lying or cheating just maximizing worth within the confines of the rules so my conscience is good with it but not sure how TA will feel.


I believe you’ll need two separate reservations to make this work.

Agreed. Put someone else’s name as lead guest on the other room (it has to be someone staying there).

But OP could still buy his kid’s ticket from Disney couldn’t he? I can’t see why it would have to be from elsewhere.

Yep you need 2 separate reservations to have different dining plans.

This worked out amazingly for us in november & we will be doing it again this fall.

Yes, it was you that suggested this on another thread! Thanks. Were you able to link them and get connecting/adjoining rooms?

We did not link the reservations but requested rooms near each other. We got rooms 4 doors apart but it was a DVC rental so I don’t think we could have gotten adjoining rooms.

They won’t be able to guarantee connecting or adjoining rooms. It would be a request only.