Onsite guest booking FP for offsite guest linked in MDE

With all the FP changes just want to make sure this still applies: If offsite guests are linked to accounts of onsite guests, they share the onsite guests’ booking window of 60 days. Thanks.

Yes, with a couple of caveats.

The offsite guest must now be part of an onsite FP group. There’s no sneaky way to delete the onsite person from the party.

And, probably much more important, the FP cannot be modified. I think it can be modified at the 30 day mark, but not 100% certain on that. So you need to be sure of your plans before booking.

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Currently, I have passes booked for me (w/ 60 day window) and my friend who has an AP but no room reservation yet. I was able to modify the time in one, but kept us as a pair - did not try to split us up.

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