Onsite buying iLL for offsite connected family

I’m sure this has been discussed somewhere but I’m too lazy this evening to search for it LOL. Help me out, if my party of two is onsite and my connected family party of four is offsite — can I buy iLL for everyone at 7am?

No just on-site is eligible at 7am even through F&F.

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I did see it mentioned on chat that if you can add them to your reservation it would work.

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Yes I saw that on chat, and I did think about that, but full disclosure it’s on the band trip, so I added my son to my room who is staying offsite with the band but not sure I want to add two of his buddies to our Gf room just so I can grab them RoTR, I’m sure Presidents week there is little chance iLL will still be available at park open, decisions decisions decisions …. I think I will just make them rope drop and do the 2 hr standby


I thought you would see the comment on chat but then I realized many forum uses do not visit chat so I thought I would add it here.

Yes, you would also need to link their tickets and APRs? That gets complicated!