Only Scheduling one FP question

Can you only pre-schedule one of your three FP’s as a Tier 1 and then day of after you use it get another tier 1 FP? Or do you have to use two lower tiers that day before you can get another tier 1.


We have currently scheduled for July 23 one Test Track FP only for 10AM.

Then on July 23 after we scan in can we schedule a second Test Track FP for later that night?


Can we schedule 2 more FP’s at that time because we only used one originally in pre-scheduling?

You have to use 3 before you get any same day fast passes.


You can schedule Tier 1’s in other parks following the use of your 1 FP, but not in the same park. To schedule a second Tier 1 in the same park you need to use/expire your first 3 FPs.


If you expire, tier 2 must be scheduled before tier 1. It is faster to swipe and move up tier 2 FP (riding or not) than to expire.

Also if you are not yet in the park, the expire FP might not drop off. This has happened to a few folks.


Yeah… I’ve got DHS days planned with my single Tier 1 ride at 10am and two other Tier 2 shows at 11am & 12pm. I’m planning on just tapping out the T2 FPP on my way to do other attractions so that I can look for more Tier 1 rides at the 1:01p drop times.