Only partial page when printing customized touring plans. No CSS Theme Loaded

Has anyone had this problem?

I’ve never had partial page printing issues. Not sure what you’re getting at regarding CSS loading.

When I try to print. The CSS message is in the upper left hand corner and it cuts the right side of the page off. Around Free Time

This might sound daft but are you printing using the view and print big blue button above the map at the bottom. This should change your plan to a print optimised version.

I’ve definitely done that before :slight_smile: but that’s not it. Here’s a screen shot

@len - can you help with this?

@asutherland1 - can you let me know:

  1. The URL of the plan you’re trying to print,
  2. The operating system and version you’re using (e.g., Windows 10 desktop)
  3. The kind of printer you’re using

My test of the printing seems to give all the pages of a plan, which is why I ask.


Sure! It happens on multiple touring plans, i.e. different days, Disney, Universal

I’m using Window 7, like a senior citizen. ha :slight_smile:
Epson WP-4530

Thanks for you help1