Only have 6 hours - one park or two park pass?

We are driving through Orlando and want to surprise the kids with a partial day at Universal. Because of our tight schedule we only have about 6 hours. I know this is not ideal but it is what it is. We have no real expectations and will just make the best of it. There are 5 of us total in our family.

Common wisdom here seems to be to buy the multi park pass to ride Hogwarts Express but that does not seem to make sense for us because we will only have enough time to visit one park and our kids have never really been Harry Potter fans and won’t know what they are missing.

Having to buy 5 tickets and pay the extra for the multipark would be an extra $275 for our family, money I would rather spend on Express Passes since we are going Easter week :crazy_face:

Thanks in advance.

As long as you’ve made peace with only visiting one park, the express passes will be a great add on to help you get as much in as you can in your short time.

Hope it’s a blast!


With that short a time, the only reason I would do two parks is if you only want to do all of the Harry Potter attractions (and even that might be difficult). With that short a time, I would probably spend the money on an express pass for one park vice a park hopper ticket. You’ll just have to look at what each park offers and decide which one is better for your family.


My family gets a one day 2 park park-to-park pass and EP and does everything they want in about 8 hours

So I think it could be worth it even for 6 hours.

The EP there makes you feel like a VIP from what they tell me.


Look at you doing some Universal reporting. :clap:



It’s purely second-hand information :laughing: