Only 1.5 days in the parks what would you do?

After our Easter week cruise we will be driving from Miami to DW. We figure we will arrive around 4pm on Friday 4/6, then have a full park day in Saturday 4/7 and need to leave the parks around 2pm on Sunday 4/8 for the airport. We will have our 6 & 8 year old boys with us. Planning to buy 2 day basic ticket. Crowd levels for MK are better on Sunday but we wouldn’t have a full day (thinking about MK that day). We plan to stay on property. What would you do with that limited time? Thanks

A good touring plan is more important than crowd level, so I would plan MK all day Saturday for sure.
Sunday depends. HS if they’re Star Wars fans, or a second MK day. Or AK or Epcot if either holds a lot of appeal for you.
Although the temptation on a tight time budget is to go hard-core and march relentlessly from attraction to attraction from dawn until closing, resist the urge. Don’t try to see everything or even most things… even in limited time, you’ll have great memories if you relax and explore and even take a mid-day break if the kids (or grown ups) are flagging after lunch.
My plan with my boys (6&8) would be:
MK Saturday - start in Tomorrowland with Buzz, Astro Orbiter Tomorrowland Speedway, and work around counter-clockwise; get FPP for Peter Pan, 7DMT, and whatever else your personalized TP tells you to do.
HS Sunday if Star Wars fans - Either sign up for Jedi training or do 2 (or 3) rides in a row on Toy Story Midway Mania to start. Seriously, for kids that age, you can’t ride it too many times. Then Star Tours, Launch Bay, watch a show, meet some characters, maybe GMR/ToT/RnR depending how brave they are, and that’ll bring you to lunch and time to leave.