Online ordering at BOG

We are on the QS DDP. I want to place my 30 day online order for our breakfast at BOG. Most of the adult meals comes with eggs. Two people in my party are not big fans of eggs. I see that there is oatmeal and french toast on the kids menu. Can I order from the kids menu? However, these two will want the alcohol beverage that come with QS plan. Do you think I can order 2 kids meals, 2 adults meals and 4 alcohol beverages with the DDP doing an online order or should I wait until we are at the restaurant to place my order. thoughts?

It won’t make a difference. If you order a kids meal on DDP you won’t get an alcoholic beverage. You can pay OOP for them.

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Definitely place order before. You get to talk to a person when you get there to clarify anything and make changes if needed. I believe someone tested this at some point and didn’t have a problem. WDW doesn’t care if an adult orders a kid’s menu item - it just still counts as an adult credit. If you have four adults, you shouldn’t have a problem with the four drinks.

I’m not sure about the alcohol though. For QS, you are charged for what you order so with a kids menu selection they probably won’t allow it. When it’s TS prix fixe, yes you can order from kids at the adult price but this is a different situation.

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I guess you could ask if the can charge you for an adult since credits are pulled for QS anyway. I would order online and then ask and see what happens. Just be prepared that regardless you may have to pay for 2 drinks.

Did you try looking at the adult choices under the allergy menu if you select an allergy to eggs to see whether there’s an option there that appeals? I know in your case it’s not an allergy but it would avoid the eggs and still being an adult entree it would avoid the potential problem with the beverages.


Yeah that’s the part I’m not sure about with the dining plan - I know someone reported successfully ordering kids menu w/ alcohol, but I can’t find the post to see if they used the dining plan… I think they did, but not 100% sure - they may have just been testing to see if BOG cared what an adult ordered (since breakfast is vaguely prix fixe but not really).