Online Check in?

If I am using the TP fax request for a room can I still do online check in?

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Yes, it will save you time, just be sure to either leave the room preferences either blank or at least not conflicting with what you requested on the fax.


I filled out the “fax request” in the automatic room request on TP dashboard. The room I want is BC, Garden view and full balcony. For the online check-in through MDE should I simply check off the large balcony and upper floor? Or just large balcony? Also - should I do the online check in 60 days before or should I wait for 5 days prior to coincide with the fax? Thank you very much!

For that request I would check “full balcony” if that is your priority.

Thank you very much! Does anyone know I have to wait until the week before for online check in or can I do it 60 days in advance?

You can do it at any time as long as it doesn’t contradict the fax.

It opens at 60 days. I am saving mine for day 40- just to spread it out!

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I got over excited and did mine as soon as I’d booked my FPP! I need to go back in and change the pin I set up though, I can’t remember it now, it was too long ago!


Thank you so much for all of your help!