Online Check In Questions

Wondering whether to use this feature…

I searched and most posts were older, so I thought I’d ask here now:)

In the past when we’ve checking in “live” we got to meet the desk staff and chat with them and we’ve been upgraded. I’m wondering if we do online checkin if that opportunity isn’t as great.

Also, once you check in, does DME look different? Are there new options that start to show up like bus schedules? I feel like my account looks different than videos I’ve watched and things I’ve read.

Thanks in advance😍

When you are onsite, under your resort, you will see the bus schedules and your portfolio.

I do not think online checkin impacts the ability to get a room upgrade. Rooms are assigned by the room assigners, not the front desk. If there is a problem the front desk must contact them to ask for a change.

I have been upgraded twice to club level. Both times the upgrade occurred before I got to the resorts.


The only thing you’ll see different until you actually arrive is that the ‘start check in now’ button will be gone.

You can still go to the front desk if you want to.

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Upgraded to club level!?! How wonderful! This would be such a magical thing to happen.


@jengregory and @missoverexcited This is new info to me. How do upgrades happen usually, out of curiosity?

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Typically when they have oversold a category of room.


I can’t answer that, but I can conjecture that it has a lot to do with availability.

It doesn’t really cost Disney anything extra to upgrade someone to a better room as long as they have plenty of availability. So, if they find they have many club-level rooms unfilled (for example) on the day-off, then throwing pixie dust on a guest to upgrade them just makes that visit seem all the more magical.

They might also do the same thing if they are filled up at one level, but not another, etc.

I have my doubts it would happen very often if you go during particularly busy time periods.


Or when they have to take rooms out of the inventory for maintenance.


Yes, though the result is the same - too many people booked into not enough rooms.


Thanks everyone for all the replies and info❤️

I have heard that the room assigners assign all the longer stays first and then sometimes shorter stays don’t fit the puzzle. My CL upgrades were all two night stays. Of course sometimes it is pure luck- someone ended up in the AKL CL room I paid for but never got…

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