Online check-in & parking at parks - updated with response

Last year when we did online check-in, we still had to stop at front desk (special line). We got parking pass, had to show ID and a few other things.

For our trip in a few days, they sent an email that says we can go directly to room after they text us with room number.

I’d like to go straight to the MK, but not sure how to get the free parking we’re allowed because we’re resort guests. Will magic bands work at the parking “tollbooths?” Or do we still have to go to the resort to get that piece of paper?

I finally got a response from Disney, but not the one I wanted!

 *Thank you for contacting the Walt Disney World® Resort.  We're looking forward to your visit!*

 *If you are planning on going straight to Magic Kingdom Park, you would need to stop at the resort and pick up the parking pass.*

 *If you have questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us.*

Disappointing, but I’m glad that they got back to you! I really wish MBs worked for parking passes. That’d be a great use of the technology, if it was possible.

Got to WDW today. Made a special trip to our room to pick up the parking pass - there wasn’t one. Called the front desk and they said - you don’t need it - just use your magic band at the parking booth. Arrgggg!!!

Argh, wasted time is the worst!! I’m sorry :frowning:

While not about parking, I feel this is relevant as it involves using online check-in and going straight to the parks, skipping the resort…

We did online check-in last Saturday night for a reservation at Pop Century starting Sunday. Our plan was to go by the resort first on Sunday morning, then take the bus to Magic Kingdom to be there at 9am. When we got to Pop Century the bus was already there, so we quickly hopped on and went straight to MK… thinking our online check-in was good enough.

Turns out when we got to MK, our MagicBands would not work at the gate. Was nicely told that we should have gone to the resort first, but that Guest Relations could activate them. They took care of it quickly… however, when we tried to eat later in the day, our dining plan would not work. Again, we were told (very nicely) that we should have gone to the resort first. Went back to Guest Relations, and the same person that helped us earlier in the morning said that to resolve the dining plan issue we would definitely have to go back to Pop Century to check in. – When we returned to Pop Century mid-afternoon, it took them about 15 minutes to sort it all out. After that, no issues.

And for what it’s worth, we did get the text letting us know our room was ready early. :smile:

Maybe opening our room or getting scanned by the security at entrance to All Star Resort “activated” our magic bands… I don’t know!! Ours worked well after what I thought was an unnecessary stop at our room.

It was odd to never see the front desk, check in or out!

Is this still true? Do we need to check in before entering park or using Ddp?

In September, we got to our resort and our room was not ready. We did online check in only, though we did use our dining plan right there at the resort food court for the first time. We then we to MK, tickets were fine and dining was fine. Not sure if using the DDP at the resort food court activated it in some way first, but we never went to the front desk for anything. We got back at 11pm, went straight to our room and all MBs worked fine.

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