Online Check-In Options for BWI

Any suggestions on what I should request at OLCI for BWI? It offers BW view, close to lobby, floor options. I booked standard room, so I wasn't sure if choosing BW view was a wasted choice, especially since I'm going during F&W and resort is likely going to be at capacity.

What are the new "rules" for bumping a post that gets no reply? Sort of like what I just did? Thanks!

This is the problem with a forum -- you can't tell from the title of the post if it still needs an answer. And people are not going to go through every thread to see if they can add value. I suppose you could edit the title to indicate that responses are still welcome!

And alas, I can't help -- I'll be staying at BWI for the first time in November, and would also love some guidance about what to request during on-line check-in. So I'll keep you company here while we wait for someone more knowledgeable to chime in (and if that doesn't happen, perhaps we give up and post over on Lines, where a question like this would be answered in a few minutes).


Yes, I've had to resist the temptation to "break the rules". I'm so used to instant gratification over there. I requested the "2nd floor" and "close to the lobby". Hopefully that's good. But, as you said, responses are still welcome wink

I don't have an answer for you other than close to lobby because BWI is freaking huge with long windy hallways where it is easy to get lost. We stayed there once and got the absoluet last room on the top floor on the side of the building closest to DHS. It was close to community hall but the rest of the time we regretted nit reserving earlier and getting a better room

but I want to see where this post goes. I just read about the issue on the other side.

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I always request close to lobby/elevators. The hallways are wicked long.

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@kellybelle and @3DayWeekend I have been doing research on BW for a few months cause we'll be staying there for the first time in January - the one consistent word of advice is to ask for a room near the elevators. I can see that they don't make that request available but do they have an area on ONCI where they have a field where you can fill in that request - like a blank area?

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Thanks for the advice -- I wouldn't have thought of asking to be by the elevators (but that makes great sense -- I was once in about the furthest Kidani room possible from the lobby or, really, anywhere -- and my 45 lb son was sick, and I had to carry him and my purse to the room . . . ah, the memories).

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Thanks @alitig1 and @MDU . @EthicalAddict I don't recall seeing a box that I could type requests, but I'll double check this evening. On a similar note, do y'all know if an earlier online check in results in a greater chance of receiving request?

I too am staying at BW for the first time, so I check every thread I find but this is not getting the answers! There has to be a better way for us to figure this out!

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@PrincipalTinker when are you going?

@kellybelle I booked a weekend bounce back for October 25-27. First time Food and Wine and MNSSHP! I have stayed at BC, wanted to try something new.

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