Online Check in - Not showing up at hotel, at all

We have an onsite reservation Sunday-Saturday. I have checked in on-line. I don’t plan to sleep at the hotel at all until Friday night. However, I just read the terms and conditions a little closer and it says that online check in is not final until I show ID at the front desk or go to my room using my magic band. Anyone have experience with is? Was hoping not to show up at all until Friday, but I don’t want them to cancel my reservation before them because I haven’t entered my room.

So you won’t be in the room Sunday-Thursday? Only on Friday night? If you’ve not shown up and stayed in the room by Monday, I’d guess they would cancel the reservation since they would assume you aren’t coming.

Correct, I am not staying sunday through thursday. They would cancel even though I checked in online?

It seems risky to me. I assume you booked extra days for on site benefits? If they did cancel your stay, the computer system might then wipe out your FP’s that you booked as an onsite guest. If you planned to use EMH or charge to your room, those privileges could get wiped. Why chance it?

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Just to add from when I worked in hotels. If we had someone “check in”, but then the room appeared to have not been used when housekeeping came the next day, we would usually check the room out and cancel the remaining days. I think this is risky to leave the room vacant that long (although potentially you could decline housekeeping to minimize that). I do assume with online check in they are looking to see if anyone has gone in the room on check in day, even if you havent gone by the desk.

I believe current Disney security mandates that someone (usually mousekeeping) has eyes on each room at least once per day…so even if you opt out of mousekeeping, they still do a room check once daily.


To follow up, my DH checked in at the front desk and declined mousekeeping. Never went to the room bc it was Soo far from the front desk. We had no problem entering the room on Friday night for our one night stay.

Without knowing exact how it actually works, I think if you are paying for a room they shouldn’t give a crap if you’re actually in it or not or if you booked it just for onsite park benefits. Disney gets their money either way. I’d even think you SHOULD be able to be so bold as to tell them “it’s my room, I paid for it, I’m not sleeping in it so feel free to send mouse keeping but it’ll be totally clean each day” Its YOUR $$

That being said…is it possible to just swing by? If not, call them. Tell them. You’re paying…they shouldn’t be difficult IMO.

Lol! Late to the game! Can see now that this is in my feed because you updated!

That was exactly my thought.

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