Online Check in Issues

Anyone having issues checking in to their resort online? I’ve been trying to do so for the last few days, but every time Goofy pops up and says they are having troubles. Since it’s been going on for a few days, wondering if it is an issue related to my account or system wide.

Yes, I had trouble for several days, but it finally worked for me. Everything seems to be showing up correctly now. My tickets were missing for a few days, too, but now they’re back. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I still have plenty of time, so I’ll give them a week or so to work out the bugs. Hopefully the can get it taken care of soon.

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I hope so! I nearly flipped out when I couldn’t see my tickets. :slight_smile:

I feel your pain. Same thing happened to me on the day I was suppose to reserve my FP’s. 7am, half my party was missing and only had two days worth of park tickets. They didn’t get it resolved until 8, luckily I was still able to reserve the FP’s wanted.


Yikes! I’m glad you were still able to get the FPPs you wanted. Thankfully, my 60 days was the day before the MDE fiasco started.

Just out of curiosity, how far in advance does everyone check in online? I am 60 days out today and it is asking me to check in. Just seems so early.

I don’t think it matters other than checking off a box. They do verify they have the correct information and pins #'s for magic bands, room request, etc. If you have an issue checking in as I am right now, at least you’ll have plenty of time to address it. I would be a little stressed if I was having the same issue I am now, but my trip started in a couple of days.

Yes. I finally had success, but it wouldn’t let me set my pin. I also never received a text when my room was ready and didn’t receive any information about the resort, like a map or information about where to get food. The parking guard told us our room was ready and what it was, but I still had to go to the customs house to get the pin thing figured out and ask how to get refillable mugs. It felt like pulling teeth to get information or help at Caribbean beach. The roof in the customs house was also leaking…