Online Check In issues?

So I’ve got a split stay coming up in 4 weeks. Two nights AoA Mermaid, and one night at CBR. I’ve been able to check in to AoA since the 60 day mark, but have never been able to check into CBR. I have always got the error page, but it did appear to go through the first time. Now, my credit card number changed and I’ve been trying to modify the check in. Once again, it worked at AoA, but won’t change at CBR. Been trying to modify for over a week. Wondering if its a split stay issue or a CBR issue? Both were booked the same way through Orbitz, so I can’t see that being an issue.

I usually book a split stay. I have had a hard time getting it to “take” but then the info is there. Have you saved the new credit card to your profile? Have you gone into MDE on a different computer and tried “modify” check in?

Have you tried the backup site? I’ve seen other liners comment that it worked even when the normal online check-in site did not.

Thanks. It may have worked. It says it took it but WDW site keeps showing old card #, but given MDE’s record this week …

Another option if you are worried about charging to the wrong card is to call the day before and pay it off. Then when you get there you can check the card saved but it should be the first one saved to your band.