Online check in for Canadians

We are less than three weeks from our arrival at POP. Woohoo! :grinning: Planning to do our online check in and wanted to see if there is anything I should be aware of as a Canadian traveler.

I know we have to go to the front desk to get our magic bands, and I’ve heard that they can’t text our cellphone with the room number. So, should I just leave the section for phone number blank? Anything else I should watch out for? Thanks for the help.

You can fill the number in, they just won’t text you. There’s nothing that’s different (UK liner).

I would make sure that your Canadian credit card is authorized for travels in Florida! Nothing like getting frozen during a trip.

That shouldn’t be a problem. We’ve used it there before, but I will call to let them know we are travelling. Although one of my cards told me on our last trip that we did not have to call anymore!

We get a Roam Mobility SIM card from 7/11 & buy time for our whole trip so that we have unlimited talk, text & data while in the US. We switch our SIM cards & leave the Canadian ones at home. It’s great having the room text come through! Other than that, there’s nothing much different.