Online Check In/Credit Card for Parents

So me, DH and kids arrive on the 5th - I completed online check in and applied a credit card and pin.

My parents arrive on the 8th - I don’t see an option to be able to do online check in for them. Is that because there are 2 rooms and MDE won’t let me check in twice essentially?

All our reservations and overall payment for the trip has been done on DHs credit card. Will it screw everything up if my parents assign their own card to their room for purchases during the trip?

I don’t know about doing the online check-in for them, but they can assign their own CC to their room at the front desk when they arrive.

Do your parents have their own MDE account? If so, I guess they will need to check in themselves if they want to do it online.

No, no MDE for them.

I booked my parents room for our upcoming trip in January. Completed online check-in for both separately and used their card for their room. No problem. Maybe a glitch with your MDE?

Thanks all, looks like I am check them in through the website. Can’t do it through the app. Weird.