Online Check-In at AKL, or not?

Our upcoming stay at the AKL in May will be our first time at the resort. We’ve always used online check-in in the past. I was thinking of not doing that this time so we could get the full story on the resort as part of the in-person resort check-in. Does anyone have any feelings about the benefits of waiting to check in in person rather than online, particularly for a resort you’ve not stayed at before? Thanks for any replies!

I did online check in at AKL and it was probably a mistake. I really could have used help navigating the building and I would have liked some general information about the resort and activities. On day 2, I ended up waiting in line to speak with the concierge about some of these things but it would have been nice to get the info at check in. I guess I could have done this on day 1 and still used online check in but I didn’t anticipate having any issues as I’m fairly confident (apparently overconfident) in my abilities as a hotel guest : )

Nothing says that you cannot go to the front desk when you arrive. Even if you get a text with your room number, you can go to the front desk.


I agree with @lizzieanne771, just go to the front desk. We have to anyway because we have to pick up our MBs, but there’s never anyone there. Probably because everyone checks in online!

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Yes, both ways make sense. We aren’t planning to go to any park immediately. We should arrive at the resort around 1:00 PM, and we aren’t planning to go to the AK until our ADR at Rainforest Cafe at 6:00 PM. We’re just going to relax and explore the resort. We will definitely go to the front desk even if we do online check-in. I was planning to use the TP room fax request either way. It may be the old “six of one, half dozen of the other” kind of thing.

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