Online check in and refillable mugs?

We have purchased a dining plan with our hotel & ticket package and have read great things about using online check in. I believe people have reported that they were able to skip the lobby all together and go directly to their room using their magic band following a “your room is ready” text? (Correct me if I’m wrong). But it left me wondering, where do you get the refillable mugs that are included in the dining plan from? *staying at POR. TIA

You get your mugs from your resorts food court area same as always and you can get them as soon as you arrive. We did online check in a couple of weeks ago and were able to go directly from ME to Pop food court for mugs, to room to drop off carry on luggage then off to MK for the rest of the day! It was fabulous and easy and much better than in trips past.


Yeah, they don’t just hand you the mugs at check-in. What you get is one “mug credit” per person on the reservation attached to your MagicBands which you can use at any resort food court to buy the mugs. In essence, it works just like a meal or snack credit, except that you only get one per person.