One week....what to expect?

I have never visited in a holiday week. We are staying in all star music. A bit nervous about crowds. We have our touring plans. We will head out early and go back around 3pm for a rest each day. We’ve stayed at value before and hoping it’s not too loud/over run. Hoping bus wait times aren’t ridiculous. Taking a deep breath and hoping for the best. But, honestly what should we expect?

Is this your first trip? I have found with a good plan no matter what the crowd is I can do everything with very low waits. I am always ready to make adjustments. Is Under the Sea on your plan and you are expecting a 15 minute wait but it is 50 minutes-drop it! Try it later! The crowds have been so unpredictable these days!

This is my first time going at Spring Break too. I’m expecting big crowds. I have my TPs and a flexible frame of mind. Have a great trip!

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We were there the week between Christmas and New Year, and we had a wonderful time. There were huge crowds, but I felt like they handled the bus situation well. I don’t think we ever waited more than 45 minutes or so, but usually much closer to 10-15 minutes. I found that the crowds in the parks were more than I could take starting around noon (I also have a pretty low tolerance for crowds, I’ll admit). And wait times for rides were insane by early afternoon. We took long midday breaks from 12:30/1 until 6 or later. We used touring plans to ride lots of rides at RD, then used fpp and did shows/high capacity attractions starting mid morning, then took in the general ambiance until we left, and evenings we usually did a fun table service followed by whatever few attractions we had missed in the morning and any fireworks etc. We did everything we wanted and more, including the parades and evening shows. Just pack your patience and some flexibility and you’ll have a great time.

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We visited for two weeks and our second week fell at the start of spring break. It was our first visit and we were really nervous about the reports of crowds over that time. There were crowds but we went with all the knowledge and tips from helpful liners, we made best use of FPs.

We’re not the type of people to run at RD we just took everything in and did what we could. I can’t praise TPs and liners enough for their help before and whilst we were there.