One way car rental SAN to LAX?

Any recommendations? I need a mini van or large suv and our stay is two weeks. I’m getting around $1,000 for National emerald aisle (in MCO, they let me take a minivan even if none on the aisle or have offered to bring over a Yukon from Alamo). I’m getting $1700 for a minivan at Alamo with a Costco rate.

Is it crazy to consider driving back to fly out of SAN? I booked my flight to SAN already, but still deciding on departure day and city.

Do the math. It’s almost always cheaper to fly out of LAX than SAN - but two one-way flights sometimes costs more than a single round trip. How much money would you save by flying out of LAX? All things being equal, I would drive back down to SD; the drive on the 405 to LAX is one of the worst that I have ever done.

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That’s interesting that you prefer the drive to SAN. Is it a less stressful drive? I’ve mapped it a few times and it usually comes out about an hour longer than the LAX drive.

Does the mapping include traffic? the 405 from the I-5 to LAX is 6 lanes of barely moving bumper to bumper mess. Even if the drive to San Diego takes a little longer, I’d rather spend it driving at 60-70 miles/hour then sitting in LA traffic.